Our Work

Research & Analysis | Capacity Building | Outreach
Research and Analysis
Unbiased analysis of the ground realities based on impeccable data translated into implementable policy advisory with measurable results defines our Research and Analysis initiative at CHSS. Supported by our highly qualified and experienced research advisers, CHSS ensures highest standards of quality and integrity in research design and execution. Our expert panel comprising of very senior professionals from diverse domains analyse and report data in association with the respective stakeholders.

Shri K.Padmanabhaiah- IAS (Retd)
Former Union Home Secretary
Padma Bhushan Awardee
Honorary Director of CHSS

Capacity building
Learning is a continuous process and it not only applies to individuals but to every organisation including government departments. There is a need to be abreast with the changing times to meet and address the new challenges - social, political, economic and human security. CHSS aims to impart, enhance and sustain the knowledge required for efficient performance of people and resources associated with its key stakeholders. Training workshops, panel discussions, seminars and conferences are a part of CHSS capacity building initiatives.
Many organisations and institutions belonging to several business and knowledge domains are working and contributing in their respective areas including technology, security, social development, healthcare, agriculture, environment and education. CHSS believes in working hand-in-hand with these organisations and institutions through knowledge sharing, resource exchange programmes and collaborative research. As part of  our Outreach, CHSS enters into MoU's with various organisations and academic institutions, brings and connects the relevant resources on a single platform to create value and contribute to a common objective.
Our Key Stakeholders
  • Governments - State and Central,
  • Civil Society - Youth and Women in particular
  • Policy Makers, Bureaucrats - Indian Administrative Service  and Special Departments
  • Police Departments - Indian Police Service
  • Indian Army, Airforce, Navy, Coast Guard and other National Security Agencies and allied Organizations
  • National and International Academic Institutions - Universities and Colleges
  • Ambassadors and other key dignitaries of foreign countries in India
  • International Organizations
  • Corporate - Business Enterprises




Key Security Domains & Studies
  • Homeland Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Coastal Security
  • Aviation Security
  • Malicious use of AI
  • Food Security
  • Water Security
  • Energy Security
  • Environmental Security
  • Health Security
  • International Relations
  • Indian Foreign Policy
  • UN and other Global & Regional Security Groupings




CHSS Interns attend Indo-US Defence Ties Conference
CHSS joins hands with O.P. Jindal University